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HurryCane® Go™

HurryCane® Go™

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Maximize your stability with the HurryCane® Go™ ! Designed with unique features to let you just grab it and go, the non-folding Go™ also features an offset handle positions your weight over the shaft, increasing stability while reducing pressure on the wrists. Its wider SteadiGrip™ base provides all-terrain traction—it can be adjusted for changes in terrain with just the click of a button—and the pivoting WhisperFlex™ design provides stability and balance with a whisper-quiet performance. It also sports a handy GO™ strap for added security and a GoFoam handle that fits every grip size for extra comfort. The height can be adjusted and the non-folding design means it's always right by your side so you can go.

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How it Works+
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SteadiGrip™ Base

With a wider base and redesigned feet, it provides better traction on any terrain

WhisperFlex™ Design

The pivoting base gives you more stability and balance and is always whisper quiet.

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Balanced Stability

The offset handle positions your weight over the shaft, increasing stability while reducing pressure on the wrists.

Stands by Your Side

Non-folding design is always there when you need it.

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Stands on its own—Even on Carpet

The wider SteadiGrip™ base with cross-hatched tips provides greater stability and traction to help your cane stand on any surface

Improved Stability

With a wider range of motion, the pivoting WhisperFlex™ design provides even better balance and stability

Enhanced Traction

New cross-hatched tips provide maximum traction

Adjustable Height

8 convenient height adjustments from 30.5"–37.5" give you a perfect fit

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How it Works

Your cane is designed to be easy to set up, adjust, use, and fold. Download the instructions below to read all safety instructions before using.


Setup your HurryCane Go

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Feet Check

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Reset the Flex

The pivoting base of a new hurricane is designed to have less flexibility initially, but will adapt to the users normal movement over time. As the cane adapts to your movements, your Hurrycane® may need to have its flex reset when you want the cane to stand beside you, without holding onto it, simply reset the flex by following these three steps:

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Customer Reviews

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Never received no response from customer service

More than a month after ordering order status still reads not yet shipped. Emailed customer service. Crickets.

Free Shipping is worth it.



They charged my account but didn’t ship the cane after telling me it would ship in 4-7 business days. When I called a couple weeks later I was told it was on back order and MIGHT be available in a month or so. When you need a cane you need a cane! About all I can say for them is they did refund my money. But they should never have charged me in the first place.

HurryCane not received.

HurryCane was ordered April 24 2023 and it has not yet been delivered to our address.

Still not received

Purchased it 14 April 2023. Still have not received it.